Able: Committed to quality and innovation

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Able: Committed to quality and innovation

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raw material

       In order to meet the rapid growth demand of Able International Group, in March 2009, the group dismantled nearly 100 million yuan to build a new plant area in Zhongshan City, and established Zhongshan Deshang Weiye Biotechnology Co., Ltd., covering an area of 23 mu, adopting the most advanced design concepts and standards in the world, with the central computer controlling the fully automated production equipment.     

And introduced a number of independent research and development of high-tech products, has passed the EU product safety certification system; CE, quality control management body; ISO9001 and ISO-13485 (medical material certification) and other system certification, with a number of patent achievements, the products are welcomed and favored by domestic and foreign distribution agencies, beauty agencies, and well-known brands. Penetrate the overseas markets of the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

     In the beauty industry, people always talk about Able's soft film powder. In fact, there are many famous manufacturers in the industry, but there is no deep market foundation and high-yield supply as   the background. If you want to be the leader of a certain category, you will lack credibility. However, Able has been studying the soft film powder for 23 years. It is widely praised for its good toughness, strong elasticity, soft film formation and not easy to hang. The soft film powder supplied each year can be used by 100 million people. Nowadays, most cosmetics companies in the industry are using Able's soft film powder raw materials or semi-finished products. Zhang Zhiwei, the general manager, has a deep qualification and a wide range of customers.

   The laughter was loud and the walk was smooth. Seeing Zhang Zhiwei coming from afar, the voice of greeting was still reverberating in the spacious atrium. Zhongshan near April arranged the preview of summer ahead of time. The summer air outside the panoramic landing window came in inadvertently. The vitality of spring and the lushness of summer seemed to be integrated into people's heart. Zhang Zhiwei spoke with great energy, abundant energy and spirit It's not inferior to the young people. After chatting for two hours, it's like they just came here.


       Zhang Zhiwei is familiar with these three words. Baidu Encyclopedia told me that this is an actor / professor. Zhang Zhiwei, the entrepreneur, once appeared in various search engines. Whenever he saw similar personal packaging and publicity, Zhang Zhiwei told people to delete it. Although it's widely known that Able is one of the top ten cosmetics manufacturers in China, he doesn't think he has done anything extraordinary, and his life without publicity and amplification makes him "happy and comfortable". "I just did something of my own. I was good at quality in the field of mechanical manufacturing and product research and development. I didn't downshift and didn't make any ambiguity in quality control. I have made some achievements over the years." In Zhang Zhiwei's view, it doesn't need to go all the way to achieve success and recognition. As long as we keep the bottom line and focus on one line, we can see the real gold even after experiencing the market.


Leaving the system and choosing to start a business at the age of 39

       Before the age of 39, Zhang Zhiwei's life was connected with major events since the founding of new China. After three years of natural disasters, he had no rice to eat, no bowls to eat, no matches to light the lights; when he was young, he experienced all kinds of Cultural Revolution, and when he was young, he responded to the call of going to the mountains and the countryside to become an educated youth, and in the first year of college entrance examination, he bravely became the pride in people's eyes; after graduation, he devoted himself to the tide of reform and opening up, holding the iron rice bowl, and for more than ten years to a mechanical manufacturing company state-owned enterprise. Zhang Zhiwei's unsophisticated temperament comes from everything he has experienced. He is pragmatic but never vain.

      "What makes you so determined to leave, regardless of the opposition around you?" In the face of questions, Zhang Zhiwei brings the reporter to a period of the past in the early 1990s: at that time, the planned economy was at the end of its tether, but the leaders in the system were still lying in the past achievements, there was no competition, so they did not pay attention to quality output. When friends came to pick a car, almost every car was not perfect, or scratched, or the position bias of stamping parts and various small defects, they had to pick one A brand new and beautiful car is not easy. Do not pursue excellence and do not pay attention to customer satisfaction, which is more and more contrary to their inner pursuit and philosophy. At that time, the market economy had gained momentum. Zhang Zhiwei, who was in his prime, decided to take a fight and join the business world.

      The decision looks brilliant today. Some people will endure retirement when they reach that age, but in Zhang Zhiwei's heart, they have their own understanding of insisting on quality. If we can change the world, we can stick to faith and be loyal to quality, then no matter what obstacles we face, we will go forward.


Ten years spent in the "Tremella Mask"

       It's no exaggeration to say that Zhang Zhiwei is a film maniac. His obstinacy to near foolishness once surprised the cadres of the National Institute of mechanical research and design. It all started with a hand made "Tremella mask" ten years ago.

       Zhang Zhiwei made the scale and achievement of soft film at first, and also took the lead in the research of membrane materials. Today we talk about the "edible mask". The products of natural pure plants extract these concepts, he has studied it ten years ago, and strongly advocated the prospect of plant mask at that time. Later, Zhang Zhiwei also insisted on refining Tremella as membrane material, which originated from a day. The results of this research.

   But because of the particularity of tremella, this face film can only manual production, facing material during solidification and equipment limited, and many other problems, even if the state machinery research and design institute of experts are regret can not mass production, cheung chi still never give up, day after day to delve into the equipment modification, finally at the end of 2015, a flash of inspiration and cheung chi took the drawings will be rebuilding scheme with ease, tremella mask to batch available.Some say that god feels its sincere, some say that it is the result of accumulation, no matter what kind of evaluation has given Zhang Zhiwei this decade of research to pay in recognition.

   The magic of the Able Tremella mask carrier is that its textile fibers are 100 percent plant-based.Such as we can see from tremella face film structure, its not as regular as ordinary non-woven fabric weave texture, instead is freely crisscross, overlapping each other, naturally formed a multidimensional structure, so the essence of absorption is several times more than general carrier, the feel is such as yarn, in the process of test, the reporter also really see this face film hydrophilic performance excellence.

      Not only locks the water good, when the skin and its membrane body union, the skin's heat can soften the fiber, causes the essence liquid to release slowly, supplies the skin in the form of osmosis, the service is warm and moist, after exposing the membrane, the skin feels relaxed and comfortable, the superior plant fiber also applies to the sensitive skin.

      Because of its high cost, the location of Tremella masks is in the middle and high end. At present, L'OREAL and Able, a well-known company such as Yue poetry, visited the project and discussed cooperation.


No innovation, no way out

Seeing Zhang Zhiwei go through the way of single discipline, many people have to sweat: it took ten years to drum up. During this period, consumers have been bombed by various concepts. They have long been blind to all kinds of publicity. The former harvested, and those who did not comply with the rules of the game upset the trust of consumers. Why did they get out of the tight encirclement?
    Zhang Zhiwei, however, seemed calm and said that he would go all out to deal with it calmly: "R & D needs to be precipitated and attentive. As an enterprise, it should pay attention to product quality and be close to the international market. Its pure natural structure can not be artificially copied, the product has obvious efficacy, health and does not stimulate the skin. Taking technology as the core concept is the real concept product, which can not be achieved by advertising or media packaging. "


      After the combination of the two certificates, many generations of factories are faced with shuffling and elimination, and speculators are confronted with unprecedented Waterloo. Able, who focuses on quality and innovation, laughs at the spring breeze. In addition to the tremella mask, Able group has a delicate texture. The 3D penetrating muscle mask with deep cleansing and moisturizing functions is loved by the beauty salon customers. Mud mask 2 announces the upgrading of the traditional mud mask, not only maintaining the basic clean advantage, but also moisturizing and moistening better. After the completion of the whole piece can be removed, convenient without residue, in line with the needs of modern people. In addition, there are many top mask products to fill the market gap, such as oval mask and warm film.


 Today, Able has grown into an innovative international technology company. In the face of a wider range of value chain partners, natural environment and global communities, we have always fulfilled our corporate social responsibilities and promoted them to a strategic level. We have adhered to the concept of "virtue is the foundation of human beings, faith is the root of success, learning is the foundation of achievement, and quality is the soul of enterprises". We have put forward the development principle of "quality determines everything". Seemingly simple words, but expressed a long-term commitment.


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