Talent concept



Abel adheres to the enterprise management concept of "people-oriented, academic first", adheres to condensing people with broad development prospects, and motivates people with good career goals. By establishing a scientific and effective talent mechanism, creating a positive and good talent growth environment, we are committed to providing every employee with a stage to fully display their talents, and by constantly creating personal development opportunities, all kinds of talents have opportunities and platforms to achieve success and self-worth.

Without the efforts of employees, there will be no success of the enterprise, no success of the enterprise, and no success of employees. To let employees and enterprises grow and develop together is Abel's consistent concept of talent development.


Abel insists on the concept of equality and caring for talents. There is no difference in status between people, only in responsibilities. The company respects the personality and pursuit of its employees, encourages them to improve their abilities, and recognizes their achievements. At the same time, adhere to the concept of relying on employees for development and sharing achievements with employees, pay attention to the interests of both enterprises and employees, advocate the unity and cooperation between enterprises and employees, create and share value together in the work, and finally realize the win-win situation of common development and sharing success between enterprises and employees.


People oriented - the company's employees are regarded as the basic strength to support the enterprise, implement the talent strategy, and strive to build a comprehensive talent team full of passion, understanding business, understanding technology, and being able to work hard. Encourage employees to self-study and self-confidence. Strengthen the training and education of employees, so that employees can get a sense of security, belonging and achievement from the company, and fully reflect their own life value.


Do things with integrity - integrity should be the basic character of the company and all employees. Integrity is the foundation of the company's employees, the principle of doing things, the way of doing things, operating the company with integrity spirit, and doing every job and every thing of the company well. To establish the corporate image and the personal image of employees based on honesty and credit.


We know that the selfless dedication and efforts of every employee are the biggest driving force to promote the progress and development of the company. Our employees are young and hopeful. We expect excellent talents to join Abel with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to meet opportunities and challenges with us.

Talent training

We pay attention to the training and accumulation of talents, and put forward the "three training" concept and long-term plan of "training knowledge, training ability and accompanying growth". Its concept is also the most important talent training concept of Abbe people, which is a mechanism for the discovery and development of human capital, embodies the long-term win-win partnership spirit, and is an important support for the sustainable development of enterprises.

From the short term to the long term, we will focus on the needs of talents in different growth stages, and provide career development opportunities and fast channels for all kinds of talents in the way of training, training and accompanying growth, so as to help them grow and achieve a sense of achievement in the actual combat. Abel hopes to attract more young people who agree with corporate values, are young, open, love work, have strong learning ability and development potential.