Company Profile:

Beijing Abel Institute of Biomaterials (ABLE) was established in 1995 and is a high-tech research entity. Institute of research and development, production, sales as one. After several years of brilliant growth, it has strong R & D strength, modern production base and scientific management, resulting in continuous profit, sales volume rising continuously, economic benefits greatly improved, and products all over the world.

Adhering to the spirit of "people-oriented, academic first", the Institute has a number of internationally advanced research results and invention patents, such as camphorquinone, EGA resin and self-setting elastic powder materials. Among them, the self-setting powder material is used in the production of beauty soft film powder products, which not only ends the history of the product being completely imported, but also exports a large number of products to foreign markets such as the United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Research projects, resulting in new products. It is an influential enterprise in China's beauty industry and dental industry. In the life of beauty products gradually stand in the dominant position of the market at the same time invested a lot of money in the research and development of medical beauty materials, and achieved remarkable results.

Abel has been engaged in the research and development and production of raw materials for beauty masks since its establishment. Is one of the national professional production enterprises of soft film powder. Abel's in-depth beauty mask in the field, with a wide variety of facial masks, and advanced mastery of the essence of technology, so that it has a "source of mask" reputation in the industry. It has become one of the top 10 companies that affect China's beauty industry, and it has also become a leader in China's beauty industry and a leader in China's facial mask field.


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Beijing Abel Institute of Biomaterials


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Zhongshan Deschamps Weiye Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


·Address: No.8 Kyushu Avenue, Health Base, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
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Abel Group (Hong Kong) Limited


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Japan Flower to Beauty Research Center


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Kato-based Institute of Japan


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Development Course and Achievements

Our past is brilliant, our future is exciting!

















Since the birth of self coagulating elastomer materials, the history of long-term dependence on imports of this product has come to an end.

Successfully developed camphorkun (pharmaceutical intermediate, photosensitive initiator, currently only produced in the United States and Germany)

According to the needs of the business, Beijing Able Guangzhou office was established to control the South China market.

First of all, the first silk screen in China, whitening essence, compression membrane.

The national exclusive production of foam hand film, black mask mask.

Skin beauty towel, cloth based inverted film and elastic hand film are listed first.

Able dental was established, and the quality alginate impression materials are superior to the peers.

Successfully applied the biological collagen to the beauty mask, and developed a patent product of collagen mask (crystal mask). 

Put on the market 

A series of crystal mask products: crystal face mask, crystal eye mask, crystal eye bags and crystal pleura. 

Able dental clinic introduced new enamel acid etching gel. 

In line with the market demand of spa, Able took the lead in launching spa body film series products.  

After many technical innovations, we have launched a new crystal mask series. 

The latest revolutionary facial mask carrier is available. Konjac mask base material is the perfect substitute for no harm cloth to dominate the domestic and foreign markets.

By using konjac mask base material, the world's first outstanding green surface patch has been developed, and the market structure of the surface film has changed dramatically.   

Able dental launched a new type of impression material mixer, which fills the gap of China's own brand

Able dental launched a new resin curing machine, which fills the gap of China's own brand

 Able dental launched a cleaning agent for impression materials, which filled the gap in the domestic market

Dental light curing resin

The appearance of the tremella mask completely broke the current pattern of mask carrier in the world.

Able cosmetics launched cream products

Able dental launched new adhesive products 

Establishment of Shanghai Branch

New mobile resin introduced by Able dental 

Able dental launched new cements 

Repairing technology of biomaterial ceramics 

Able dental launched new anhydrite 

Able launched the series of Tremella mask products

Able launches a series of products

Able launches mud mask products

Able launched super peptide moisturizing mask products


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The R&D center adheres to the rigorous spirit of "quality is everything".Over the years, with rich industry experience and strong scientific research technology, adhering to the principle of "high starting point, high standard and high quality", through painstaking research and unremitting efforts, we have developed a series of high-quality materials products that are superior to our peers.From research and development, to transformation, experience, detection;From r & D to innovation and challenge.Able Cosmetics Innovation And Research Center not only always research and develop new products, but also focus on.

Technical research and development team and innovation project introduction

1、R&d and innovation achievements:

The company has applied for 12 patents and obtained 4 invention patents.


NO. Product name Product characteristics Invention patents and awards Product development time
1 Crystal Mask Transparent hydrogel, hot water soluble There are June 2004
2 Egg clothing mask Two components: paste and foam. Apply the paste first. After the foam is applied to the paste, the film can be removed, the skin can be firmed and the water retention effect is good There are May 2010
3 Tremella mask Tremella powder for the production of hydrogel mask, plant sources, membrane body easy to degradation, good moistu Yes, the third prize of science and technology progress of all China Federation of industry and Commerce May 2010
4 Huanet penetrating facial mask After the mask powder mixed with water, the membrane body transparent, pH neutral, no dry edge   November 2011
5 Mud mask Two components, 1:1 mix, can form film peel off There are March 2017
6 Super polypeptide hydrating mask Two components: gel and powder, after blending, can form a film, remove, moisturizing and brightening effect is good China Beauty Expo, 2019 Mei yi Science and Technology Awards latest Research and Development award March 2018


2、Innovation Team:
There are 3 masters, 7 undergraduate students, 3 junior college, the composition of the R & D team, sincere cooperation, continuous innovation, constantly launch more new products, to meet the needs of beauty lovers, wish you better and better skin;


3、Major cooperative research units

NO. Name of Research Unit Cooperative
1 Tsinghua University

Research Center for Micron and Nanotechnology

2 Beijing University of Technology College of Life Sciences and Bioengineering
Solid State Physics Laboratory
3 Guangdong University of Technology Industry-University-Research Base
4 Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (Zhongshan Branch) College of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering, Teaching Base


4、Engineering Research Center
As a state-level high-tech enterprise, the company has established the Zhongshan Alginate Gel Application Engineering Technology Research Center.


5、Cosmetic Efficacy Evaluation Room
CK Cutometer Dual MPA580 skin elasticity tester, Germany, can detect and evaluate skin grease, moisture, elasticity, gloss, moisture loss, etc., to provide data support for product improvement;

CEO's Speech:

As early as the beginning of its establishment, Abel incorporated "responsible to employees and customers, and responsible to society" into the company's core values, and established a long-lasting ambition. We believe that enterprises have the responsibility and ability to promote the sustainable development of society. Over the years, we are committed to achieving customers through innovative products and excellent services, and closely integrate our own growth with the development of society, while achieving strong growth in performance, we strive to create more environmental and social values.

Today, Abel has grown into an innovative international technology company. In the face of a wider range of value chain partners, the natural environment and the global community, we have raised the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility to a strategic level and put forward the development principle of "quality determines everything. Seemingly simple words, but expressed a long-term commitment. Allowing value chain partners to continue to benefit from Abel's development is an important foundation for Abel's survival and longevity. We maintain integrity in our dealings with our customers, employee partners and investors, and strive to meet and exceed their expectations through excellent business practices.

Abel in the field of environmental protection to set an example. Green environmental protection is one of the important competitiveness of Abel products and an important part of Abel's corporate social responsibility strategy. In the face of environmental challenges such as global warming, we have formulated and implemented a long-term environmental protection strategy and a series of forward-looking environmental protection plans, and unswervingly promote the concept of environmental protection on a global scale. Committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly products, so that green technology within reach. We work with partners, environmental organizations and local communities to promote sustainable development of the natural environment.

As a member of society, Abel actively focuses on the development needs of communities from all over the world. Combined with our own characteristics, we focus social participation on the four major areas of "improving life, environmental protection, education, poverty alleviation and disaster relief", and continue to increase investment in society through the three major means of "combining business development strategies, introducing innovative public welfare mechanisms, and adhering to traditional charitable donations. We support the development of public welfare undertakings, actively create conditions, encourage more employees to participate in volunteer activities, and contribute their talents and love to the society.

"Quality is everything" motivates us to ensure that every commitment is fulfilled, and it also motivates us to integrate responsible values into every practice of the company, seeking a better balance between performance success, environmental protection and social development. To achieve sustainable development.