Abel's Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility view
Abel insists on integrity management, continuous learning, innovation, and actively assume the responsibility of value chain partners, the environment and society; return the long-term interests of shareholders, provide a stage for employees, achieve customers, win-win with partners, protect the environment, and give back to society. Be an excellent global corporate citizen and make the world a better place because of Abel!


Abel Basic Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrity and law-abiding-strict self-discipline, integrity management, abide by the laws of the countries and regions where Abel conducts business, and be a good local citizen
Full participation-Corporate social responsibility is a shared responsibility of all Abel people. We need to closely integrate the concept of corporate social responsibility with various businesses so that it can be reflected in our consciousness, behavior and results.
Collaborative development-strengthen exchanges and cooperation with stakeholders, understand and respond to their expectations and requirements, and jointly achieve sustainable development.
Focus on the world-as an international enterprise originating from China, we pay attention to and actively pay attention to all kinds of major social and environmental issues in the world.

Abel integrity system

Adaptation to social aspirations

The Business Research Institute report points out that customers who patronize many times can bring 20%-85% more profits to the enterprise than those who visit for the first time. For every 5% increase in the number of fixed customers, the profit of the enterprise increases by 25%. Loyal customers are the precious wealth of enterprises.
Honesty is the foundation of enterprise survival. Without integrity, companies will deviate from the normal market trajectory. If an enterprise does not introduce the scientific management concept of integrity economy in a timely manner, the enterprise will have no future and hope. In this sense, integrity economy is the basic condition for the sustainable and healthy development of private enterprises

Our Integrity Purpose

Fraud is the pass of the fraudster, and integrity is the motto of the good faith.
As a senior leading enterprise in the beauty industry, Abel takes integrity as the lifeblood of enterprise development while strictly abiding by national rules and regulations, laws and regulations.

Our practical actions

Abel's commitment to consumers, to cooperative customers, to employees and to society has not caused a complaint from any department or individual.
The cumulative active ingredients in all products are: bear fruit, vitamin E, vitamin C, ruta gum, fiber, camphor quinone, EGA resin, self-curing elastomer are harmless to human skin, no side effects.
The pigment used in the product should meet the national health standards and use raw materials that are not irritating to the skin, so it will not poison the human body.
The abel so thriving today relies on the abel people's business principles of integrity.